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Goodbye, Earnest

Well, Earnest is over. It was a good run, and I was delighted many friends came. I think the run went well, and I got some flattering feedback (though, of course, what other kind would anybody give me, huh?) It's so strange to say to myself, "Self, what you think about the play and the performances are correct, whether other people agree with you or not." I've become very insecure about my qualitative opinions. I'm still opinionated, but, sadly, with much less blissfull certainty. Oh, well. On a more cheerful note, we had a cast and Crew party at my house Saturday night, so now my refrigerator is full of tasty leftover desserts. :-)

I'm now working on Concord Player's "Winter Welcome." That's a short (about an hour), free, performance of "Saint George and The Dragon" (I play the Fool, natch), with a Morris Dancing troupe doing the Horn Dance as well as some sword dances, and I'm also singing with the group of madrigal singers who perform then. This is part of Concord Center's tree lighting and stores open late and Winter holiday celebration, and it's especially aimed at/fun for children. It happens next Thursday evening, December 1st, at about 7 PMish at 51 Walden St. in Concord center. It's a really fun time and a great activity for families. I highly recommend it, and it'll be over by 8 PM, so the kids won't be up too late, either.

Did I mention it's free? Everybody come! Come to the statue in front of the Colonial Inn at 6:30 PMish to watch Santa on the fire truck light up the giant Christmas tree, then stroll down the street past all the stores giving out free balloons and other treats till you get to 51 Walden St, and come in to see the show. You'll have a great time, I guarantee. I hope.
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The Theatre of Art, or vise-versa.

I've been amazed in recent months about what makes good theatre. Or what other people think makes good theatre. I've heard friends rave about specific performances in Lear, for example, and two friends who are both intelligent, talented, and experienced, had diametrically opposed opinions about the same actor! One person thought the actor was fantastic and creative and the best performer in the whole show, and the other person thought the same actor was an awful, overacting, mugging clown without any shred of believability in the performance. I'm not talking about myself here, btw: I only hear the good stuff when it comes to my own performances, of course. (Though I often wish for invisibility and the superpower skill to be able to hear whatever anyone talking about me says.) But I'll bet any money opposite opinions of my performances are out there, too, and that keeps me from resting on the comforting idea that I can do performances that are universally considered good, or, at any rate, not bad. That doesn't mean I'm any less confident that my own opinions are right, of course. I still think I'm insightful and have got it figured out. I'm just not at all confident my opinions are shared by any large number of other people. I'm coming to believe it's just as subjective and impossible to figure out what makes good theatre as it is to figure out what makes good art. And I'm a certified artist: I've got a diploma that says so from a prestigious art school; The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. That means I ought to be a decent artist, and at least know what art is good art, right? Ha! Collapse )
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Mentioning Memories

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, or even if we speak every day, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. I promise not to come after you with a spatula, either way.

When you're finished, you might post this little paragraph on your blog see what turns up. Or not, as pleases you.

Bloggame nicked from several sources, edited text stolen from someone who stole it from cadhla, whom I don't think I even know. Participation desired but not mandatory, and all that....
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Tasty Victorian Theatre Treat!

I'm playing Lady Bracknell (what a plum part!) in The Importance of Being Earnest (what a great play!) by Oscar Wilde at Concord Players, and last night was our opening night. We had a great audience that included my commedia buddies and friends Cat and multigeek, as well as the Kobayashis. I recognized Cat's laugh even without seeing her, and the audience laughed and whooped and even hissed me! Hah! They also gave us a standing ovation at the curtain call, much to my amazement (oh, wait, I shouldn't say that bit.) Anyway, it's a great show, possibly the funniest ever written, and every single actor is good. I've been in so many plays where there's one or two stand-out performances, and one or two that are so weak that one just has to overlook them in order to enjoy the show. It's wonderful for me to be involved in a show where I feel like everybody's good and there aren't any weak points. Also, the costumes are gorgeous and the sets are lovely--it's also a treat for me to be in a show where all the technical aspects get taken care of beautifully by others.

So, I'm encouraging everyone to come and see The Importance of Being Earnest! There are 5 more performances after tonight:

Evening performances @ 8:00 PM
November 11, 12, 18, & 19, 2005
Matinee performance: November 13 @ 2:00 PM
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More About Me (by request)

Self-replicating blogame: 20 random narcissisms (Tagged by cvirtue, who wanted me to answer within a week... oh, well... I came close, anyway. )

20 random facts about me:

I never go barefoot, except in bed. I keep a pair of funky slippers in my car in case I visit a shoe-free environment.

I tend to chose restaurants based on whether they have good desserts, then get too full of the main meal to eat any dessert.

When I was little I used to stand on my father's hands, then he would lift me up high above his head by my feet.

I married my first lover, and we stayed married for 17 years. My ex-husband is the smartest man I have ever met. I miss him, sometimes.

Bob, Will's dad, was my lover for ten years. I miss all the men I've loved, and it hurts me when they don't want to stay friends. Sometimes you can't get what you want.

I made a list of neat compliments lovers have given me, and sometimes when I'm blue, reading it comforts me. CV (not that kind of lover) once thrilled me by telling me I reminded her of Delenn from Babylon 5.

I'm a good ballroom dancer, but I haven't done it in years, except swing dancing. I used to be in a professional acrobatic swing-dance group called "BT Swings." I can cartwheel over my partner's knees, slide through his legs, flip upside down with my heels at the ceiling, etc...

In the 1980s I went to India for the wedding of a colleague of my ex-husband. It was a magnificent trip, with tours of the countryside, traditional dances with drums and sticks, getting my hands hennaed, and lots of great food and pageantry.

I've been to several nudist camps (while I was married). I learned that body embarrassment disappears quickly, in a matter of a few hours. If you think, "I could never go naked in front of strangers," you're probably quite wrong. :-)

I've also been to some 'swingers' parties (back before AIDS, children.) I found out that I'm not interested in anonymous sex, even with extremely handsome men, but I crave intimacy and romance, and the joy of discovering a new person who is interested in discovering me, instead.

I'm the oldest of five children. We average one child each. We each waited so late to have children that we're mostly old enough to be our children's grandparents rather than their parents. If Will waits as long as I did to have children, I might not live to see them.

I love to discover how people really think and behave about issues such as sex, politics, religion, interpersonal relationships, etc. Social norms seem like a pretty big facade, to me.

I can see beauty even when I'm not attracted to it; or even if it covers someone evil or cruel. I mean, I have an eye for external beauty, and can see it even when the person's inside is ugly. That's not as common as you might expect: many people can't recognize beauty in a person they dislike, and many others let external beauty influence their opinion of the inside character of the person. I can also see beauty in colors of nature, rotting trees, peeling paint, etc. And lack of external physical beauty doesn't keep me from recognizing intelligence or skill or the inner beauty of a person's character.

I've hated writing since I was in elementary school, although when I have to do it I write quite well. That makes me a good editor, because I have the writing skills to help others improve, and can recognize good writing in others without envy or desire to do it myself. That's also why I don't put more entries into LJ.

For thirty years I stayed the same weight and shape no matter what I did or how much I ate. For the last decade, eating and exercising affects my body size and shape. This is hard to get used to. But I now have stronger arms than at any time in my life.

I love long hair on men, but not beards.

I'm polyamorous, but have never had a successful open romantic relationship. I'm not bisexual. Too bad. I wish I were attracted to women. It would probably make it so much easier to find mates.

I don't like keeping secrets, but I will do it if someone asks me to in advance. I will tell my friends anything about myself of which I have conscious knowledge, with nothing held back. That quality in me scared, threatened and horrified Bob.

I'm insightful about love. I know the stages, and phases. I've learned through my past experience that I go through a phase of being attracted to any intelligent man in decent physical shape whom I respect, as soon as I get to know him. (If they're unavailable, that doesn't bother me: I've learned to just wait it out. After all, though one can't control one's feelings, one can certainly control one's actions. But it does inhibit conversation for a while.)

I think art is unnecessary, and I only like art which I think is beautiful. I'm a pretty skilled artist, who rarely makes anything other than photographs anymore.

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Nowadays Race is just a Stalking Horse

Question: What's Bush's opinion about Roe vrs Wade?

Answer: He doesn't care how people leave New Orleans. (thanks numerous LJ sources for that joke)

Bush is not a racist. He likes black people a lot, as long as they're conservative and wealthy. He doesn't care about the New Orleans victims, not because they're black, but because they're poor, and he doesn't care about poor disadvantaged people. They just often happen to be black.

Race is used by people to get what they want: the only reason Clarence Thomas made it to the supreme court was that he was black, and any criticism of his horrible views got dismissed as racist.

Poverty is the state that really attracts discrimination, and the victims don't seem to realize that what's really keeping them down isn't racism, it's lack of money. No money, no political power. And their own racism prevents them from joining together as a class to demand better, free education, which is the only real route out of poverty and up the class ladder. Bush and the neocons use "family values" and "God" and other such platitudes as bread and circuses to keep the poor and disadvantaged from demanding that the rich share a bite of their pie. Divide and conquer works great to keep the masses down.

We could end up in a class war in America. Wouldn't it be ironic if Marx turned out right after all?
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Hungry... but sore mouth

For the third time in my life, I've got braces... *sigh*... I had them as a child, and then again (for the last time, I thought) in my mid-thirties when I had maxillary jaw surgery... But in recent years my front teeth have been moving forward, and I want to stop them. Hence: braces. They got put on Thursday. But now my teeth are sore, and my lips and cheeks are irritated, and I can't bite down hard to chew or anything. That makes it very hard to eat.

So, I'm hungry.

I hope I get used to this quickly. Yesterday it took me an hour to eat a small spinach salad.
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5 Things

Tagged by fabrisse

Five people I love who aren't family:
Cat Crow,
...and many more... Hmm... this is a good way to count my blessings, thinking about my friends, both old and beloved and those I hope to grow to know and love better in the future.

Five things I can't live without:
I'd put friends and family first, but they don't count as things, so I'll second fabrisse's choice of :
Conversation about life the universe and everything. Fortunately for me, LJ counts toward this or I'd really be in trouble living out here in the isolated suburbs as I do. Anybody want to come visit? I'll feed you!
My dishwasher,
My camera,

Five foods/drinks I love:
(Besides good water, which doesn't count)
Milkshakes/Frappes! Favorite combinations: coffee-fudge ice cream and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, or black raspberry ice cream with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup!
Organic freshly-squeezed orange juice--ooo...
Tea with a dash of honey and lemon or herbal straight up, or rich hot chocolate (made with milk) with a dash of coffee and cream in it.
Wine, especially German Riesling and Alsatian Gewurztraminer, or a rich smooth red with a fruity nose.
Raspberry cordial

I am the dessert monster, remember:
Homemade fruit pie: apple pie, cherry pie, blueberry pie, peach pie, or any homemade pie that doesn't have seeds (blackberry or raspberry is too seedy) or homemade lemon meringue pie, or key lime pie, or pecan pie, or... heck. I just love pie! But it's gotta be homemade, good pie; the filling has to be fresh and not from a can or it's not real pie.
Any poultry dish with fruit sauce or in fruited stew, like duck al'orange, or chicken in cherry sauce
Any Thai curry dish with meat, veggies and pineapple (or grapes, fruit, you get the idea)
Indian chicken Korma with sag (I know I'm cheating by listing two dishes here, but they're both classic Indian and nobody's gonna stop me... muhahaha)
Lamb, roasted medium-rare in dijon-mustard/ginger coating, or stewed with onions, tomatoes, herbs and cinnamon...
Barbecue, um... anything.
(...and that's leaving out things like fresh-baked bread eaten warm with melted butter, and chocolate mousse, and melted cheddar cheese, and fresh pasta, and... and...)

Five things I always have with me: (except while I sleep)
A fan,
my eyeglasses,
my watch,
shoes ;>

Five things I will forever hate:
Lies (all kinds, but especially deliberate ones)
Violence (especially war)
Militant religious fundamentalism and self-righteous intolerance (of differences, lifestyle, religion, sexual orientation, race, birth control, etc...)
Clothes without pockets
Faithless lovers

Five people to be tagged:
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Concord Players is doing "The Importance of Being Ernest" as their first show this year, with performances in November. I auditioned last week, and to my surprise, I got cast as Lady Braknell. Most excellent! Now I've got to polish up a British accent and start channeling my inner Sherman Tank. :-D Oscar Wild's comedy of manners is really funny, and unfortunately it could skewer today's society almost as well as it did the victorians.

Next spring, I'm going to be directing "Measure for Measure" for The Town Cow (my housemate, Thomas's theatre). Performances will be during July outside in a park in Concord Center. I'm really looking forward to doing this play, because of all the meaty characters and interesting issues it deals withal. We'll be looking for a few more actors, especially women, and technical types (costumes, sets, props,) so if anybody's interested in getting involved or auditioning, let me know.